Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Light Something On Fire

I have this weird habit that I do, well it is more like an obsessive compulsive thing. Whenever I am in a situation and I think of something bad that could happen I have this rule that since I had the thought it would be too coincidental to actually occur. For the most part this theory works, 99/100 times. Sometimes though it causes freaky coincidences to occur, only ever usually small ones though.
So I was at my host Mom's work Christmas party (she works at a bank) and I was walking around with my host sister Carol. We went over to see Matteus who was sitting with some friends. There was a candle in the middle of the table and I remembered how I say sometimes that if a party needs livening up, just light something on fire. Of course I thought that because I had thought it in my mind Matteus would never actually light something in the candle.
We walked away and then when we came back Matteus was lighting stuff on fire. I was like: oh weird, this is like the 1 in 100 time that my whole "thought cancellation of reality" doesn't work. This kinda put my mind at ease because it meant that it couldn't happen again for about another 98 thoughts. Haha I sound so crazy.
I went outside of the club thing with Matteus and his friends (Olivia and a girl from Rio de Janeiro named Debra). Carol came out later too because she was leaving to go with some friends. Olivia's Mom came over and told us to go see something. I didn't completely understand what she said.
So we went around to the other side and saw this man holding two fire torch type things. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had alcohol on his chest because he would spit alcohol into the fire so it looked like he was breathing it. Ammediately I thought how terrible it would be if he caught on fire, given the fact that he was drenched in alcohol and all. I thought that if it happened I would need to use something like a blanket to throw on top to cut the oxygen supply. Of course I didn't have a blanket so I imagined myself taking off my long flowy strapless shirt and using it. After I thought this I was happy because I thought it could definately not occur because of my whole theory.
The guy bent down to get some more alcohol and then blew into the fire. He did it again and apparently some flame touched him because he lit up like a Christmas tree. At first it was a small area and he tried to pat it out but then when he was unsuccessful he started to run!! Exactly what you are not supposed to do when you are burning alive. Of course it was because he was panicking though. So now his whole torso, neck, and chin were in flames. I was so shocked. I ripped off my shirt and started running in his direction with about four other people. He was smart enough to drop to the ground and smother the fire. Then he just stayed on the ground while everyone stood in relief. I realized I was shirtless and put my blouse back on.
The guy's skin was all pink in the front, he left with somebody to drive him to the hospital.
Afterwards everyone went inside and danced for the rest of the night. The party really livened up. My whole "Though Cancellation Theory" is probably wrong, but it works most of the time. It is not like a premonition, it is more like an "Em-inition", I have to be careful when I get those. The moral of this experience is if you are going to light something on fire make sure you don't light yourself on fire in the process, also make sure to have something to put it out (example: water), try to not have flammable things near or on yourself (example: alcohol), and if you witness somebody on fire don't take off your shirt until you are actually close enough to use it, because if not you are just a shirtless idiot adding to the chaos. Lol.
The rest of the party went well, I didn't get home until 2:45am.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Post For My MOM

Random pic I accidentally's of Brazil though so whatever

Matteus' friends cheering at the musical festival

A ghecko that I was awe struck by on the wall of this computer room...heheh I named him Bugsy..because he eats them :)

Sunset in Uberaba (City where my host sister Carol is going to school to be a doctor)

Hello Mom!! Okay I am making this post for you because you said I haven't been writing in my blog enough. It's just that I haven't been doing too much lately!! School ended so now I am on the equivalent of summer/Christmas holidays. I have just been hanging around the house, watching T.V, and playing guitar. Hahah just regular stuff I would do in Canada lol.
Today I woke up and there was a man trying to figure out how to fix the bed I broke. I did it by accident when I slid because of my fuzzy socks I was wearing, yep, split the leg in half. If I ever do something I make sure to give it my best. I told Mamãe that I would pay for the damage but she said not to worry about it. Still.
Then today when I was bringing dishes to the sink I broke a plate. While me and Matteus were cleaning it up I cut my finger. I really don't know why I am so clumsy but I really don't like it. My goal is to not break anything else on this exchange.
Yesterday Leo came over to practice a song on guitar with Matteus. He is the same age as me and is from A.E.C (the kind of youth group thing). He tried to teach me some stuff on guitar but I eventually just kinda gave up. For some reason I am embarrassed when I can't get it right away or when I don't know the chords, instead of just focusing on learning it.
I gave him a Canada pin and he put it on his shirt. Later I showed him videos on Youtube. There are these ones that Matteus likes where there is a man dressed up as Amy Whinehouse who goes crazy, screaming down the street hitting people/things. I have to admit that it is amusing but at the same time I feel bad that Amy has such problems and also that people make fun of her.
Matteus wanted me to show Leo "Salad Fingers" so I did. Even though it is really disturbing and my Mom told me to stop watching it because she thinks the person who created it must have something wrong with them. Sorry Mom. Lol.
It also rained really hard yesterday, as well as the past couple of days. I don't think it really rained that much today though.
Afterwards we watched some video trailors and then we sang to music. Leo put on "Breaking Free" from "High School Musical". I think it is really cute how kids here like it so much. I'm not sure if everyone does, just the people I have met. I did here it on the radio in Brasilia though!! Lol. I sang the girl part and Leo and Matteus sang the guy part. Then Leo left along with Pai's brother, his wife and their son Eduardo. Eduardo who tried to climb over the balcaony when Matteus pretended we were locked upstairs. I held on to him really tight and pulled him down. Mãe, Pai, and Carol went to sleep. Matteus and I watched a movie on T.V, then Ugly Betty and then went to sleep. I think it was 1:00am.
The Christmas tree is up, it looks really pretty. There's no snow though (obviously) so I do miss that. As much as at times I hate it when I actually have it. It is just one of those things, ya know? I hope everybody who has it is enjoying it! Although I can't complain about the weather here, I mean it's nice to not have to layer on clothes like an onion. HEHEHE Shrek; "Onion's have layers". Lmao. I love that movie.

Anyway, I will write again soon and hopefully put alot of pictures on. The reason why I don't have that many is because all I have is my camera phone, I take pics with it but I was stupid enough to leave the connecting chord in Canada. I will try to see if I can buy a new one. I am allowed to use my host family's camera though so that is good. And other people take pics too, that I can steal. HAahha kinda stupid of me to go on exchange without a real camera. But I brought a camcorder. I will eventually buy a camera though so it is all good. :P

Is that enough writing Mom? I dunno what else to write about so if you want to give me some ideas...leave a comment!! Or e-mail, or whatever. I can't believe I am actually out of stuff to write about. It's strange. I'm pretty sure something juicy will come along soon though. :)

I miss everybody!! Hugs and Jingle Bells,

Emily <3

P.S - I love you Mom

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love red mud, it is kinda like play-dough

Tomorrow I will have been in Brazil for two months. Wow I am really moving along here. Life doesn't stop for anyone. I personally think my Portuguese is getting good and other people tell me it is too so I am not completely dillusional. Or maybe they are just humoring me. Anyway, I am satisfied with my learning curve of the language.
Saturday I left for my family's farm. I believe it is an eight hour drive away. All I know is that the drive is very lonf and very curvey. When Matteus fell asleep his head would slowly tilt to one side and then get whipped in the other direction when the car turned. Carol put a pillow on her lap for him to rest his head. Carol arrived on Friday night from Uberaba. She took the bus to Paracatu.
When we arrived at the area where the farm is located the road turned into a dirt road. We went to this one woman's house where we picked some cherry-like berries that tasted more like a tomato/apple. They are called acerola and have more vitamin C than oranges. Here is a link if you are interested in tropical fruits. Lol. Or are in need of vitamin C.
After that we went to a mango tree where there were many bulls standing around. I hope you know what mangos are so I won't provide you a link for that. The bulls are docile and will just stare. It is a little strange because I feel like they are watching me. They probably were thinking, "my mangos.....". They eat the mangos. I had two mangos, they were very succulant and juicy so I managed to get the juice all over my hands/face. Everyone else did too so it is okay.
We arrived at the farm. It is located at the bottom of a hill/mountain. Mountains here do not have snow so it is hard for me to tell the difference. I am thinking it was more of a hill though.
The farm and the road were really muddy because of how moist the weather has been and also because of the rain. When I walked later on with Matteus and Pai to visit another house I got mud all over my feet and flipflops and also stepped in a bull paddy. Then on the day we left the car got stuck in the mud going up a hill and pai had to get shovel to dig it out. The mud is really red (makes sense because the dirt is red too). I asked Pai, "why is the dirt red?", only to have him respond, "because that is the color." Makes sense.
A family lives in the house on the farm, a husband, wife, and their three daughters. They are really lovely people and very hospitable. They take care of the farm. In another house quite nears lives another family, some the people lived in the United States for two years so understand English and speak a little. Although I spoke very very little English with them.
The farm has bull, chickens, roosters (that woke me up at 5:00 am), pigs, horses, cats, and dogs. I rode a white horse with Amanda (the eldest of the three daughters) it was very nice, I can't remember the last time I rode a horse. It is almost like sitting on top of the world. The landscape was so beautiful, everything is a lush green, contrasted with the red mud. Everything is different here, the smells, the colors, the plants and animals. Also I don't think there are palm trees on farms in Canada. Or goiba trees. I have a question, has anybody seen chickens in trees before? Because these chickens just liked to hang out there. Lol.
When nightfall came I saw this "spark" flying through the air. It was a pulsing light. Eduardo (the little boy who lives in the other house) was with me and we were both following it. It turned out to be a firefly and the man who lives in the house caight it for me. I put it in a cup. He caught another one as well. It was so beautiful to see all of them flying, they looked like stars, or fairies. I don't think I have saw fireflies before, but I have always wanted to. Anyway I will write more later, right now I am going to go watch a novella (soap opera).

Em <3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flooding In Brazil

There has been flooding in Santa Catarina state in Brazil. 1.5 million people have been affected. I thought it was important to post here because of how serious it is. I hope that everybody gets all the support they need and that this disaster ends soon.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Carol Nunes and I at the Formal
On Friday I went to a surprise birthday party for Carol Denise. It was awesome because I have never been to one before. There was a pool there and most people ended up in it. They had to drag me in. It was night so I was pretty cold after that. When we started to eat the cake people put it onto other people's faces. Mine included. So I was sopping wet with a cake-face. Did I mention that soon after the party I had to go to a formal graduation party for the grade ahead of me in school? It's okay, I managed to get all the cake out of my hair.
I went to the graduation party with Carol Nunes. We got there at around 11:30pm and left at 3:00am. At first it was really awkward because we didn't really talk to the kids in the other grade too much and didn't know where to sit. We sat and waited for our friends from the first grade to come. I managed to spill pop on my dress while sitting on two different occasions. Luckily it was a black dress so it blended in quite nicely.
There was a bar there and kids just went up and got drinks. Mamae had told me not to so I didn't and I am not supposed to for Rotary. I don't like to anyways so it's not a problem. When I did try a sip of my friend's drink it tasted like nail polish remover....even more incentive. Lol.
There was a Brazilian singer there who is famous in the city. Lots of people danced and my friends showed me how to dance to some music. It is funny because sometimes there will be music in English!! All the people know the words and sing to it, except I am very doubtful that they know what it means. I tried to think of popular music we have in Canada that everyone know but is in another language. All I came up with is the Macarena.
When we left Carol filled a whole plastic bag with candy because it was just sitting on a table for people to take. Everyone looked at her when she walked out lol. She is gonna bring it to school to share with people. It was about 4:00am when I finally went to sleep.
Saturday I slept in until 12:00pm!! It is the latest I have slept since I arrived here. Felipe came over later on (he also came over on Friday and we went swimming) and then we went to the festival. I saw Charles there (the other exchange student from Austrailia) I saw him earlier at the rehearsal too. He played the saxophone in one of the performances. The festival was for the English school and each group of kids had to sing a song in English accompanied by guitars etc. Matteus and his friends played "Suddenly I See". It went really well! Their band was called "Riot" so they made purple and green shirts with the name on it. They also had pompoms. So we all cheered in the audience for them REALLY loudly.
Natalia asked me if I would like to go and perform and I was kind of like, sure....but I thought that I wouldn't be allowed because I didn't go to the school. Then Natalia came back and said, "Okay, they will tell you when to go up."
So I went up and played one of my songs on guitar. I said it was for all my friends in Brazil. I was nervous but it was okay once I got up on stage. Hahahha it was fun.
Matteus just came and told me that his group came in second!! YAY!! lol.
But yeah, it was a pretty fun weekend. Now I should probably get off the computer and get dressed because I'm still in my pj's. hehe hehe.

See ya later


Sunday, November 23, 2008


At school: Isse, Darlene, me, Pri

Me and Priiiiiiiiiiiiii! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happily Ever After?

Today is Grazi´s birthday. I made her a card. She is eighteen now. Vanessa's birthday was on the eighteenth (Vanessa in Canada). I hope she had a good day, she is just now sixteen and I am almost seventeen. seventeen is my lucky number so lets see what happens.
Yesterday I phoned Dad. Shirley and him are in Calgary. Shirley asked me if she could come visit me with Bryan and Sebastian in December. I said yes of course! I have not seen my little brothers for about 6-8 months I think, I miss them so much. Shirley too of course! They have probably grown alot. I need to ask my counsellor Frank in Canada if it would be alright but I am pretty sure there isn't a problem.
Yesterday I went to help with the young kids again. I walked because Mamãe had to work. It was my first time walking alone and everything went well. I counted three flattened frogs on the road along the way. I bet they didn't know what hit them. Hehe. I also saw these lizard-like creatures that were larger and slower than gheckos. I think I almost stepped on one.
The teacher asked me if I wanted to help with the older kids. I hope it wasn't because I was in the way. She said they would talk to me more, unlike some of the three year olds who can barely speak.
The teacher told the other teacher that I spoke Portuguese. So the new teacher spoke really fast to me. I understood more or less and just nodded along anyway when I didn't. Right away we ate lunch. At least I'm good at something. Even though I had just eaten at home. I ate fast and then went back to the classroom.
I sat with a little girl named Fernanda. She was sitting all alone, probably because she is a little eccentric, but so am I so it's all good. She started talking right away and I just nodded along. Younger kids can't grasp the concept that I don't understand so they speak normally, this is good though as it helps me learn faster.Later she stood up and hugged me.
The children taught me a hand game called "Chocolate Inglês (English)". It is similar to "stella-ella-ola" except that at the end the aim is to step on the other person's feet. It's a really good game when you're playing it with six year olds and wearing sandals.
One little boy wanted me to tell a joke. His name was Vitor. Everyone sat in a circle and took turns telling one. I made my monkey face and dolphin noises. Before I knew it, all the kids were jumping around the room making animal noises. Me and my bright ideas.
I tried to ask a boy named Carlo how old he was (Quantos anos você tem?) and the boy beside him looked at me in awe and said, "Nossa (Wow)! She speaks Spanish!" He then demanded me to speak more "Spanish" so I said, "buenos dias" which is at least real Spanish.
We went to go watch a film after, combined with another class. The teacher asked me if I was Brazilian. You'd think she'd be able to tell I wasn't since I speak such good "Spanish". Haha. Oh well, it's always flattering when people think I am from here.
We proceeded to watch the film. It happened to be about fairytales. I love fairytales and their "happy endings". Wait, the tin soldier and ballerina falling into the fire, happy? They melted in the shape of a heart, so that makes it better. Then of course "Little Red Riding Hood" is such a joy; Grandma getting eaten and then the man slicing the wolf open to save her. It just showed the faces of the man and little red riding hood at this part, but the sound affects were great. Sure Grandma is all well and good (despite being immersed in stomache acid for at least 20minutes) but the wolf has to deal with death and all that.
Watching it in another language allowed me to look at the actual series of events and storylines. Farytales are so regurgitated and people are introduced to them so young that they are not payed a second thought to. Man are some of them gruesome, and yet children all over the world love 'em. Hmmmm. I wonder if that's good or bad? Or just not important at all.

The End


Monday, November 17, 2008


I can remember the start of school last year where I wanted to learn a language as an option. At first I signed up for Spanish because I thought it would be useful because my Step-mom Shirley speaks Spanish. Just my luck, Spanish got cancelled. I still wanted to learn a language.
All my friends were taking Japanese, at first I thought it was silly because I thought to my self, "when will they ever need to speak Japanese, or when will I for that matter." I ended up signing up for it because it was interesting none the less.
Now here I am in Brasil, one year later, and have found out that there is a strong Japanese culture here. It is kinda ironic how I had those thoughts, it just proves that anything can happen!
On Saturday I went to a 15th Birthday party for a girl named Marianna. Here turning 15 is like turning "sweet sixteen" in Canada. I went with Helena and her husband and it was at the Japanese club. When we were walking in they pointed out a plaque that commemorated the 100 years the Japanese have been in Brasil.
Inside there was a table with the birthday cake and lots of candy. People gave speeches and made a toast and then we ate. There was Japanese food/Brasilian food. It was all very very good. I met Matteus' friends Natalia and Denise there.
After everyone was finished eating, all the kids put on feather boas and such and started to dance. There was a DJ who played alot of Brasilian "funk".
The Japanese culture here is very unique because it has kept its roots but has still been assimilated to Brasilian culture. Everyone speaks Portuguese and/or Japanese. It's awesome!! Of course I can't really speak Japanese but I can read a little and say a few words. Helena said that when I live with her she will teach me some!
After the party I was dropped off with Mãe, Pai, Pai's brother and his wife and son. They were chatting at a table outside of a restaurant. Matteus was at another birthday party.
Earlier that day Mamãe had started to say some things in English. She barely spoke any before but has been picking it up from me. Matteus says that she will not be able to lol. She said that I am her teacher and she will. I am turning out to be the worst teacher in the world. Lets just say that pronounciation can be tricky and one word in english sounds like another not so good word in Portuguese. But somehow she has learned all the basics of the English language including "poophead" and "fart". Lol. It was not intentional though, honest! We drove by some manure and then the conversation headed in that direction... hahahah I am so gross lol. Nevermind, I am going to try to teach her other (better) words now.
By the time I got home and went to bed it was about 2:00am. On Sunday I woke up at 8:30am but tried to sleep until 9:30am. I ended up getting up. I don't know why but I feel guilty when I stay in bed and everyone else is awake. Lately I have been really tired too, I think it is because my brain is adapting to the new language and when I sleep it all sinks in. Well that is at least what I hope the reason is.
So I got up, went downstairs and watched some T.V with Matteus and ate a little. Helena was coming at 11:30 to pick me up to go to a lunch. Pai was throwing coconut tree leaves into a pile and then lighting them on fire. I went up to the pool to get him some more and then resumed sitting on the couch.
Pai put Spicey (the bird) into a new cage. I was watching him as he hopped around and became accustomed to it. Then I noticed that on one foot he is short one toe so balances more on his other foot.....I wonder if he is deformed or if he had an accident. Yes, I wonder about these things.
Helena picked me up and we went to the lunch. It was at her friend's house. Again it was Japanese/Brasilian food. At one point I was telling a woman named Christianna (who is a police officer) that being an exchange student people tend to force feed me. Not too long after Helena's friend forked a huge pile of meat onto my plate. She probably wanted to see if it was fun or something because everyone does it. I suppose it was because after the meat she made sure I had no shortage of sausages. My stomach was about to burst. Especially after the three diferent desserts. But I can't tell people I am not hungry because they then think that I am on a diet. So I just eat what people give me. At school the boys tease me and say I will get fat. hahah if you don't gain a little on your exchange than you are not a good exchange student. Or just have a high metabolism. Lol whatever, it is not like I'm complaining here. ;)
The lunch ended up lasting for about five hours. We talked and talked and talked. All in Portuguese. I am amazed that I can understand 9 out of 10 times when people talk to me and am able to respond. It's awesome! Of course there are sometimes when I have no idea what people are saying and the phrases start to sound like English words. But when I fall asleep in class sometimes, I can hear the teacher talk and understand what they are saying. I am also starting to think in Portuguese. You know you are learning a language when you don't have to translate the word into English in your mind but it carries a meaning of its own.
I talked to Helena's husband after about what I want to take in University. I told him I am not exactly sure. He noticed how much I like animals (there were dogs there) and asked if I wanted to be a vet. I told him I used to but don't want to have to put the animals down.
I asked him what he does for a living. He is a farmer and grows corn, soy beans, coffee, and I think there may have been one other thing but I can't remember. He said that his brother and father growpotatoes because they are sold for more money. He said what he grows is less money but works better because it is more stable to grow four different things than one so when inflation occurs it balances out. I asked him what Brasil imports because I noticed that they export alot but have so many resources here I was not sure what they would need! Brasil imports wheat. I wonder if Alberta exports to Brasil...probably. I then asked him why the bulls/cows here are white. He said it is because they are originally from India and have been here about 100 years. They are white so they reflect the sun and stay cool. In the south of Brazil there are black cows who produce milk because it is cooler there. I told him that in Canada I had not really eaten bull. In Brazil bull is eaten alot. He said that is strange because the bull meat is mainly exported to Canada, the States, and Europe. We figured that it is probably more expensive because of it and is probably why I never really had it.
When I got home I had a nap and then later went to the dance festival with Matteus. It was all the young kids. They were cute and pretty darn good for their age.
When I got back Mamãe told me that my mom had phoned and that she said "Do you speak Portuguese?" And after like thirty seconds of confusion they said good-bye and hung up.
I phoned my mom and she said that she had asked "Hablo English?" LMAO. Hahahh my mom is so funny. I was happy to learn that everything is well in Calgary. I stayed up a bit after we talked because I was not tired from the nap I took. I went to sleep at 2:30am...and woke up at 6:00am...hahah. I didn't really even sleep in school! We finished watching the movie "Cube Zero" in Math class. There were subtitles for me. The ending sucks, I talked about it with Priscilla and she agreed.


Emily <3

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh no!!

Today when Pai picked me up from school he apologized for being late. I said it was no problem. He said it was because Matteus was in the hospital!! He had fallen and cut his chin open. So we went to the hospital and I had the delight of watching the doctor put needles into his chin and give him stitches. Poor guy. It is weird because two of my brothers in Canada have both gotten stitches in their chin from falling. I'm just glad Matteus is okay and that it wasn't more serious.
During school a secretary came and got me because the principal wanted to see me in her office. She talked to me about volunteering to help with the children who are 3-4 years old in pre-school. I agreed. The bell rang for break so she got up to leave. I am used to her hugging/kissing cheeks with me to say goodbye. She walked passed me and I thought she was going to say goodbye so I hugged her. She kinda patted me on the back. Awkward moment. lol. Carol and Ana Flavía almost died of laughter when I told them. They apparently thought it was funny.
After I went to the hospital with Pai to see Matteus and then bring him home, I ate and then Helena picked me up to go help with the little kids. It is funny because they speak more than me. I was reading one a story in Portuguese and she kept saying, "Speak Portuguese!!" I love little kids because they will never lie to you. Haha.
They colored, fingerpainted, and read. It started to rain really hard so we had to close all the windows. The teacher there is very nice. Then we ate lunch and this one little boy asked for some of my my bun and kept trying to drink my coke and coffee. The teacher said he loves to eat.
Afterwards they did some work in their books (drawing on the dotted line) and then danced and sang. We joined another class to dance and sing with them. We went back to the room after and it started to rain again. This one little boy standed at the door laughing at the rain. It was cute.
The teacher handed out clay, sticks, and pop bottle lids. One little girl gave me her clay so I made a cat. Next thing I new they were all handing me their clay saying "Faz para me por favor?" (make for me please, haha not sure if I spelled it right). I didn't finish making all their cats by the time Helena came.

<3 Em

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov. 11, 2008 Remembrance Day/One Month Mark

As of today I have lived in Brasil for one month. It has gone by fast like I knew it would and like life always does. I think I adapted pretty well so far. I only have eight months left here! I hope I make the most of it. It will be nine months in all. It is also Remembrance Day so here is a moment of silence.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov. 7, 2008 Emily Rose----Axl Rose

Yesterday I went to an English school to talk to the students and teacher. The girl from my school who had asked me to come was there. They asked me a whole bunch of questions and the girl asked me the strangest one of all; "Are you really related to Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses?" I was like, "What? Who?!"
She asked me if I really liked music and said that the English teacher at our school had told her class I was close with and related to Axl Rose. I told her this wasn't true. Rose was my MIDDLE name. At least now it makes sense why so many people ask me if I like "Guns N' Roses". Or maybe that is just a coincidence.
This morning I arrived here (school) on time, surprisingly. I went and talked to the first class ( a grade below mine) for their English class. It was much like yesterday, the same interview process.
I just talked to Helisângela (the English teacher) about "Axl Rose" and she said she had made a joke about it and they must have taken it seriously. It's okay though, I don't mind being the cousin of a famous guy.
Now I am about to get interviewed by my class. This could be interesting. I told them about Bishop Carroll High School and they all wish they could go there. Because of the whole independent study thing. I had to explain to them that not all schools in Canada are like this. lol.
They were baffled at the idea that dinner is at 5:00pm. Here they have their big meal at 12:00pm and then a smaller one at around 8:00pm. They asked me if I am hungry by the time I go to bed. I told them no and that I snack.
Explaining maple syrup is tricky. I told them it is like honey from trees. They also wanted to know what Canadians think about Brazilians. I told them some think that the boys just go up to the girls on the street and kiss them. Also that they wear very tiny bikinis. Which, okay, is somewhat true, but the ones I've seen aren't THAT small! Maybe in Rio.
They also wanted to know if my first choice was Brasil. I told them how I was first meant to go to Belgium but then couldn't so had to go to Brasil or Turkey. My dad was not going to let me go to Brasil because he thought it was too dangerous and I could die. They laughed at this and said maybe in Rio (de Janiero) lol. Then how I reassured him with the help of Rotary.
I find it interesting here how the entrance of nearly every town/city I have visited has a Rotary plaque. I think that is a really good thing.
Yesterday I broke another drinking glass. It is my second one. It seems to happen the moment after the grape juice container is finished. I used one both times to dump the glass into.
It started after "lunche" ------second dinner. Well that is what I will call it. Like Hobbits do. lol. Matteus just randomly stood up and pulled down his shorts. Luckily he had these strange spandex pants underneath. He unrolled them and then put his shorts back on, trying to remove the pants under the shorts. It did not work and he got stuck so he went to the other side of the table to do it properly.
After he got them off he swung them around and threw them at me. Naturally I threw them back. Just as they were about to land they caught the edge of a glass and it toppled over. At first it bounced but on the second hit I wasn't so lucky; it shattered. So the next time Matteus does that I will not react right then. No, I will just make sure he ends up with one of my special spicey forks sometime. ("My special spicey forks" consists of my accidently spilling spicey juice into the cutlery drawer and trying to clean it up the best I can to no avail).
I am waiting for Mamãe again and I just noticed something; all the little kids arriving for their classes have rolley-bags (rolley-girls) and nobody laughs at them. Another part of me that is Brasilian.
That little girl named Stephanie talked to me again today and tried to introduce her friends who were too shy to do it themselves. For each one she pointed to them and said, "My name is...." Hahah so cute. It is amazing that she can speak some English. I doubt she is older than eight.


Emily Rose------Axl Rose's cousin

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov. 6, 2008

Obama won. I knew it would happen. It is kinda a bad thing though because it goes along with that whole conspiracy thing I learned about. Hopefully it isn't real.
I was late again this morning. I am beginning to believe that it is my fault. Not that I am slow or anything, I am actually quite fast, I don't even put any make-up on. It's just that I have been late my whole life, starting at when I was first born. Heck, I even arrived here at least a month late. I think I brought the time warp with me and now it is sucking my host family into it. Hopefully it will come back with me to Canada.
When I arrived at school, Isadora and Matheus were sitting on the steps. I sat with them but they told me I could go into class. I asked Carol and Ana Flavía in class why the others were sitting out there. They said it was because they were late and weren't allowed in. They said I was an exception, I was allowed. Just like yesterday when they told me they were not allowed to wear "havaianas" flipflops but I was. I did not wear them today and marched back out into the hallway to sit. Exceptions are unfair, even if they are in my favour.
Wii-wii is asking me to write about him. He asked Ana Flavía to translate the previous sentence for him. He then asked me to say that he is "legal" -----cool. Okay, Wii-wii is very cool and nice. He says good morning (bom dia) to me everyday. It is very thoughtful of him. He reminds me of a character from the show "Recess". I cannot put my finger on exactly who.
Yesterday I went home and ate. Then I watched the News on the election and Obama winning. Then I think I layed down and drifted in and out of consciousness, feeling delirious from the heat. I woke up and sat at the computer with Matteus because the fan was there. I showed him some songs to download.
I went downstairs to get a glass of water and was singing to myself. When I walked up the stairs Matteus jumped out at me and clapped. It made me scream. Needless to say he was doubled over with laughter.
We had showers and went to church after Mãe came home. When Matteus and I were walking there, Tunico drove by and yelled, "Rose! Rose! Rose!" Matteus thought he was making dog noises and barked at him. I explained to him after that he calls me Rose (normally pronounced "Hose").
By the time we arrived at the church it was already over. Because of the whole time warp thing and all. lol. I found some bird feathers and said to Matteus, "Angels." Afterwards we went to Giraffas and a bunch of people Mãe and Pai knew showed up. I think they just showed up randomly too, there were about eight of them.
Today people asked me to sing for them again. They kept telling me to sing louder, but we were in the middle of class!
After school Mãe picked me up and I told her how I wanted snow because of how hot it is here. Then I said that Natália (her daughter on exchange in Calgary) probably wants it to be hot. This made her laugh. I heard that Calgary was hit with some snow recently, am I right?
At 6:00pm today I will go to an English school to talk with the students. Anyway, I better get off the computer soon to let Matteus onto Habbo. He is very polite about it but I'm sure he wants to check it. :)

Tchau for now


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov. 4, 2008

Today I woke up at 6:20am to go to school. 20 minutes late. I got to school at about 7:15am. The day went well, during Spanish class we listened to a song so that we could write down all the lyrics. That's right, I'm in Spanish, with the teacher teaching it in Portuguese. Lol. Somehow I know the difference between the two. I can not neccessarily understand either completely though.
I was talking to Carol in front of me when all of a sudden the whole class looked at me and started saying my name. They wanted me to dance at the front with Matheus (a boy in my class, not my host brother) Tunico and Isadora danced too. I was really sweaty though because I was soooo hot. Hahah oh well, I kept trying to lead too. It was fun.
Later Carol tried to braid my hair from the bottom up but then the teacher said "Carol frente!! (front)."
After school Tunico gave me a chocolate that Izze-Amandinha had made. She makes them everyday herself and brings them to school. They have a coconut filling. Very good. I waited for Mamãe to pick me up and talked to this boy who told me he wants to go to Edmonton because of the big mall lol.
We ate; pasta, meat sauce with corn, rice, watermelon juice, and passion fruit juice. Then Pai explained to me how to get to Matteus' school because I have swimming lessons there at 5:00pm and need to walk there alone. It's not that difficult, like a three minute walk. It is my first time walking alone though so they told me not to talk to anyone. Not that I would.
Then Pai and Mamãe went back to work and Matteus went some place with his guitar, most likely youth group. I just watched some T.V while Vow walked around outside and in the kitchen.
Then I went upstairs and started reading a princess book that Fefe lent me (she is an 8 year old family friend who speaks English fluently because she lived in the U.S). Now I am about to get changed into my bikini and go to my first swim class. Probably with thirteen year olds again, considering I do alot with that age group because of Matteus and all. They are awesome though. Is it cold in Calgary? Because I am actually jealous right now, it is so HOT here!! Anyways :P.


Emily :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October. 22, 2008

This is my 12th day being in Brasil. I am picking up more and more Portuguese everyday. People at school are really eager to help me out which is very nice. I sometimes help them with their English too. My family also assists me a lot in learning. I have been writing in my journal about everything that I have been experiencing. I will transcribe some of it onto here.

Tues. Oct. 21, 2008

I have been in Brasil for eleven days. Yesterday I was in Brasilia. We were there to visit Mamai´s nephew Rafael (pronounced Hafael) and to buy material for the new house.
On Sunday we went to visit and go eat at Rafael´s aunt´s house with her husband. There was barbecued meat, rice, salad (which I tried to cut a tomato for), and Gaurana Antartica. It is a soft drink made from a Brazilian fruit. I had at least five glasses.
It was Max´s fifteenth birthday on Saturday to. I left him a message on Facebook, I need to call him (and everyone) very soon.
In Rafael´s aunt´s yard there was this really weird Amazonian plant, it looked like it was from another planet. Pretty funny actually. They asked me to sing for them so I did. They said in December I will sing and play guitar for the whole family, great lol. No, it will be fun.
On Friday I went to Matteus´friends´birthday party. It was fun, everyone asked me many questions. A boy from my class was there; Bernardo.
I met most of Matteus´friends, they are very nice and have a lot of energy :P. It was Natalia´s and Lucianna´s birthdays. Matteus and Kaique (Ki-ee-key) danced capoeira. It is a style of dancing that kind of combines fighting as well.
Isabella and the other Natalia speak good English, as well as Leticia (I think) because she spent time in the United States. Felipe speaks some English as well, his accent is very cute.
When we got home, Matteus asked me if I wanted some candy then emptied numerous handfuls from his pockets. He had taken it! lol.
The next day (Saturday) I went downtown (centro) with Carol to buy some jeans for school. I bought two pairs, together they were R$140.00 wihich is roughly equivalent to $80.00 Canadian. I thought that was pretty good. We also ran some errands and drank some açai; an Amazonian fruit smoothie. It was vary delicious, I love it!
When I got home I listened to my Ipod a bit and then went to see Matteus and his friends who had come over. We were all going to go to the second opening day of Giraffas (a fast food restaurant).
Filipe came over and we played a little guitar. After we went to the cornerstore and Mateus bought chicklets for everyone. Then the girls left to get ready for Giraffas.
I walked there with Matteus and Filipe. Many people were at Giraffas. I ordered a coke and strawberry (moranngo) sundae. I tried to pay but Filipe paid for me and Isabella. He said that next time I could pay for him.
There were many balloons there so we took some. We also had a spitball fight. At one point B came. He went away then came back and said tchau and kissed Isabella and I on the cheek. Filipe said he had gone to brush his teeth beforehand. I thought that was funny.
Afterwards we went walking in the main square and took pictures. They tried to get the trampoline man to let three people jump at once. They told him I was from Canada and made me say, "Por favor." He did not let us. Apparently I´m not a cute enough Canadian for him.
They bought some cotton candy that came with masks; spiderman and the girl woody the woodpecker. We played and ran around with them. lol.
I met Abrau and Levy. Abrau is the one who hung up on me on the phone. He said it was because he doesn't speak English. Levy said I look fourteen. :(. I made my dolphin noise for them and they liked it.
Most of the girls bought glowing mouse/bear ears or horns. I could see them walking down the street with their little blinking heads. lol. They also went on a carriage ride. Matteus sang the Giraffas song.
Afterwards we sat at a table outside the açai place. Natalia, Felipe, and Luiza taught me how to say yesterday (ontem), today (hoje), and tomorrow (almanhã).
Mamai picked us up so I could talk to Helena (Rotary) at home. She told me that I would go to my first Rotary meeting Tuesday (today) and gave me what I was to say. After I watched "Seven Years in Tibet" in English because they couldn´t find the remote....hehehe, not too bad for me. lol. I went to sleep at about 2:00 am. The next day (Sunday) we left for Brasilia.

I will finish the rest tomorrow!! It is very long, haha, sorry if it gets boring! :P Tchau.

P.S- Little blinking heads are featured in the photo above. lol. The other photo is of me at Lucianna's and Natalia's birthday party.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Luck!

Good luck to all the other exchange students starting off their adventures. I hope you all have the time of your lives!!! :)