Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kiki Saved the Dance

Me with my host mother and brother before going to Ester's Birthday Party

Mateus dressed up for "Festa Junina"

My costume!! :)

18 days

So yesterday Helena picked me up and dropped me off at school for the "Festa Junina". There were many people there and I met up with my friends from another school. I also saw my friends from my grade working there. The money earned will go towards their graduation party in around November. I ate a type of food made from corn that seemed to also have a taste of cinnamon to it. It had peanuts as well. It was a kind of a soup. It came in a cup. I liked it.
I left at 8:45 pm to go to Rotary. I put my blazer on top of my costume. I must have looked pretty darn rad in that outfit. During the ceremony they called my name once so I stood up then sat down. Then when it was my Rotary Club's President's turn he called my name as well. Except he asked me to come to the front. I was really not expecting that to happen. So I went up, flushed, to the front. Everyone looked at me in my strange clothing and laughed as I posed for photos. I can't explain what came over me but I made my monkey face for one. I hope it turned out good. My president talked about me and my exchange and thanked me. I thanked him and shook his hand. Then I went back to the table.
By the time my first host father dropped me off at school again the dance that I was supposed to be in had alreay begun!! I panicked at first but then tried very slyly to slip in the line with everyone else. The only problem was that my partner had found himself another partner! Although I do not blame him for it, I would have done the same thing if need be. That was not the issue though, the issue was that his new partner did not want to let me dance with him. I suggested that we should both stay and it would be funny because he would have two girls. He did not seem pleased at the idea and started making frantic hand motions from the line he was in on the other side of the floor. His facial expressions looked a bit panicked. To not cause any more confusion I bowed off the dance floor.
My friends came and asked me what happened. I explained. Without a second thought my friend Kaique linked arms with me and said "Vamos" (lets go). He lead me into line. The funny thing was he had no costume, didn't go to the school, and had never rehearsed. Yet he did everything right and didn't mess up once. Except for maybe when he started to lead me to the middle of the circle, which was not our part but I told him and we went back. But I was happy after because at least I got to dance.
I apologized to my first partner though, I feel really bad that I was late. I did my best though, I mean, I was almost two places at once. I guess it is still impossible though. Yet one can't help but try.
Thank goodness that Kaique is so spontaneous and had the guts to dance with me. He even managed to lift me up at the part where "the snake was gonna get me". Thanks Kiki, it meant a lot.

Today I went to lunch with Helena and Washington. It was at some sort of German Club or something. There was "Churrasco" (type of barbecued meat) which was good. I showed the Buddhist "Sensei" from Japan how to "Foho" (partner dance). He seemed to like it, he laughed a lot when I showed him the video. He has been in Brazil for five months. He tried to return to Japan but was put in quarantine because of the pig flu so never got to see his family. He has just returned to Brazil now and has been here for three days. I talked a mixture of Portuguese, English, and Japanese with him.
I went to Sergio-Toolio's house for the "Buddhism Class" except there was not translator this time so it was only in Japanese. Because of this my second host mom let me take a nap on the couch. Hehehe.
I went back to my second host mom's house and had dinner then returned to my third host family. Tomorrow I will go to school and then Tuesday I will go to school, then dance, and then go with my dance teacher to a city called "Patos" where I will be able to see some of my exchange friends. It is the city of "Ducks" because "Patos" means "Ducks" in Portuguese. I will return on Thursday. Until then!!

Remember: Brazilian's like their meat. Especially barbecued.

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