Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Dance.....It will be okay

Izze, Andressa, Me, and Bia

Trip to Patos

I left after dance class on Tuesday with Ana-Paula my dance teacher. We went on the ônibus. It was a three hour ride. I got in touch with Ben (Oregon, U.S.A) and Carmen (Pennsylvania, U.S.A). We met at the shopping center and then went to an exchange student's good-bye party. Her name was Leonie. She was from Germany but she was using a program different than Rotary. I saw exchange students that I already met and some new ones. It was really fun.
The next day was pretty busy, I woke up early because Ben had asked me to go to school with him and Sebastian (Sweden) but when I called him he was still sleeping!! So Ana-Paula and I went back to bed and woke up later to go shopping with Carmen. I bought them chocolate and then we went to a park to eat it. Later I went to a concert with Jurin from Iceland playing violin and then went to a good-bye party. We went to a restaurant and I met a woman who was American and had been an exchange student in Brazil in 1977 or something like that. She was with her Brazilian friend who had gone to Texas. It was interesting to talk to her about how Brazil was different back then. She went to the city Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) when it was only a few years old and she said that there was barely anything there!
We went back to the good-bye party after. Ben came and I wrote him a message in his book. Then everyone got ready to leave and because three exchange students were leaving everyone was crying. I felt kind of out of place and just awkwardly danced to the music. The exchange students in Patos were such a close knit group, like a family. It is funny because I just randonly showed up in their city the day before almost half of them left!! So there were lots of tears. Maybe at least I made some of them laugh.
I went back to Ben's house and he finished packing (even though he had to go catch the bus in like ten minutes!) and then later I went with Carmen and got dropped off by Ben's host dad at Ana-Paula's house.
Ben's host sister was so sad that he was leaving that she got sick! I felt really bad for her. I also met Brazilian's who are going to have exchanges in Germany, one was named Lucas and the other Pedro (but people called him Guatamala).
The next day I woke up at around 5:00am and caught the ônibus at 6:00am. I walked back home, slept, had a shower, then went to dance!

11 Days

I have been so busy lately. I have not been able to write in here everyday, I should have realized that things would be hectic since my exchange is winding down. I will just update you with a summary. Some how the only thing that sticks out in my mind is how I went to my friend's birthday party and while I was waiting to get picked up with Arthur, somebody spit over the side of a balcony in the apartment building and it landed dead center on top of my hand. I just can't seem to remove that experience from my mind. There, now maybe you can be stuck with the image too. Hahah sorry.

Remember: People clap after the National Anthem, do we do that in Canada?
How it is nearly impossible to walk down a crowded street non-stop here because you know everyone and they all stop to talk!

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Maeghan said...

Technically you're not supposed to clap after the national anthem because it isn't a piece for enjoyment or to display talent, and treating it as one is disrespectful..
But these days I suppose it's do as the Romans, and I think lots of times we clap after the anthem too.

You look adorable in your picture! Keep having fun.