Friday, June 26, 2009

My Host Dad's birthday,.....MJ's final day...

22 Days

I went to school and then Isadora's Dad drove Carol and I home. I ate lunch and watched some television when Filipe came over. I invited him in and then I walked with him to his school so he could work on a project. Many people were there like Marina, Nati-Yumi, Luiza, Lu, Yasmine, Matteus etc. Their presentation was interesting it was about how there is no wrong or right, just what is best for you in your life. I gave them chocolate after. Nati-Yumi talked to me about an idea some of the girls had about travelling to Canada when they turn 15. Instead of having a debutante party they would come to Calgary! I told them it was a great idea and of course they could stay with me.
I walked with them down the road until I turned to go to Carol's house. We talked and then watched some episodes from a series called, "Dexter". It was interesting but twisted, about a murderer who kills for "good reasons".
When I went to leave it was getting dark. I asked Carol if my host mom would be worried if I walked. She said it was ok. I tried to phone but had no credit on my cell. I ended up seeing my host mom in her car and she said it was too dark to be walking. I apologized. Then when I got home I made the house alarm go off because I got one number wrong in the code to turn it off and she had to return to help me! I felt so bad!! But we worked it out so that is the important part. I wrote down the code for the alarm on a piece of paper so that I will never forget it.

21 Days

I went to school, then home, ate, and then went to dance. I talked to my Dad in Canada on the phone. He is doing well, he told me about my little brother Sebastian who is in Colombia that when he saw the full moon he yelled my name at the top of his lungs. As if I were in the moon or something. It reminded me of when I taught him and my other brother Bryan about the moon. One night the sky was dark and there was a huge full moon and my little brother Bryan gasped and said, "beautiful!" I told him it was called, "moon". He repeated the word slowly and tentatively, "mooo-ooon." Feeling how it felt to make the smooth sound. And then ever since then when the moon came out he would point and say it. I guess they still haven't forgotten, even though it has been close to two years since I have seen them.
I called my first host father because it was his birthday. He said that he would come by to pick me up. My first host sister had also arrived from another city. I went to their house and there were many other people who came. We ate some delicious cake. Then I returned home really late, took a shower and went to bed.

Remember: Michael Jackson is really well known is Brazil and people really like his music. That is probably because he is well known around the world. R.I.P Michael.

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