Saturday, June 27, 2009

Festa Junina (June Fest)

20 Days

I went to school and during school I rehearsed the dance for "Festa Junina". My partner is a boy named Fabio-Lucas from the first year (grade ten). It went well and was really fun. I came home ate lunch etc. then returned to school in the evening to have another rehearsal. I saw my twin friends while I walked past the English school and talked to them for a bit. They are really nice. The rehearsal went well again. It is funny because in the dance the teacher yells out things that we have to do and everybody does them. For example, she will say "chuva" which means rain and our partners have to use their hands to shield us from the imaginary rain. Or she will say "cobra" (snake) and our partners have to pick the girls up. I think I may have hurt some of their backs. During the last rehearsal my partner just pretended to pick me up. Then near the end the guys have to go in turn and get out a present from a box for the girls. When Carol went up with Pablo he jumped into the box and then came out of it. Hahahha. Pri's boyfriend gave her a real rose and then kissed her. Everyone ooed and awed. I walked home with Mateus, Arthur, Fabricio, and a boy that I only know as "pear". I watched Transformers with Mateus and part of Spider-man 2 then went to sleep.

19 Days

Helena came in the morning and I gave her my Rotary blazer because she would pick me up at the "Festa Junina" and take me to the Rotary Club so I needed her to have my blazer so I could change into it. I don't know how I am going to do it because I am supposed to be at two places at once; Rotary and the dance for "Festa Junina". Hopefully it will all work out.
I went with Mamãe and Mateus and got a traditional dress to dance in. I rented it for R$30.00. It is black with pink, green, and yellow bows and stripes. It is short and I wear frilly yellow shorts underneath and a blue fluffy thing, well, to make it fluffier. It is cute. I will wear my hair in two braids with colorful ribbons and have colorful make-up including really rosy cheeks with painted on freckles.
I watched "the End Times" with my host family on T.V before lunch. That is just the translation it makes into English but I don't know for sure if that is what it is actually called. It is about everyone dying because of this toxin the plants release. It was interesting.
After lunch Mateus washed the dishes wearing his old superman cape from when he was little. He took the dish washing soap and sprayed me with it...*sigh* brothers. I washed my undergarments after outside and hung them to dry. Now I am just going to get ready to go to my school for the party in a little bit.

Remember: People usually don't have dryers here but hang the clothes to dry. Sometimes they don't have washing machines either and the clothes get washed by hand. Mostly the maids wash the clothes though. So maybe you can understand why somedays I was a little more smellier, the guilt of making somebody sweat for me made me wear my clothes as many times over as possible.

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Maeghan said...

I'm reading them all, I swear!
But life here has been kind of crazy, and so I don't get on the internet every day, and thus haven't commented until now. But I'm reading and still love it.

Have a GREAT last month in Brazil (between you and one of the Brazilian students here I'm dying to visit, if only I had money!).

Isn't it dangerous if the showers shock you?