Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 days!

I moved families!! I am now back with my first host family. Yesterday I went with my host brother to his friend's house and then walked back home. We danced some Michael Jackson which was pretty funny. I got ready to go to the Roteract meeting. It was at the place where they always give speeches and stuff. I met many people there that I knew and saw Natalia (the one who I went to her house) and Carol. I sat with them. But then a person from Roteract came and said that they would call my name and I would have to go sit up at the front as a guest. So they called my name after it had started and I went. At one point I was the only girl. Then near the end the special guests were invited to get up and say a few words. I wasn't planning on going but then all the Roteract people said my name, so I went up. To their disbelief for many of them. I thanked them for inviting me and talked about how Roteract and Rotary is such a good thing and it is so nice to see the young people of Roteract wanting to make the world a better place. Then I talked about how well the city had received me and how I was happy yet very sad at the same time to be leaving.
Afterwards I went to a dinner/party. I returned home and went to sleep at 2:00am!
Today I went to lunch with my second host family and their friends. It was nice, we took lots of pictures. Now I am trying to get all the pictures off of the computer at my second host house so I can take them on CD's to Canada. My host sister Tatianna is helping me.

Remember: Your city here is just like a big family! Every new person you meet is more often than not already related to somebody that you already know!

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