Monday, July 13, 2009

3 days...Just to Remember

The Southern Cross which is only possible to see when you are in the Southern Hemisphere

This sweaty Canadian's adventures in Brasil are sadly but surely coming to an end. For now. But I can assure you (well like 99.9%) that one day she will return and one day the adventures will continue. For right now I want her to remember that she is never allowed to forget. That is why this blog is here. So that in the future she will be able to rewind her mind like a movie and relive all of these experiences. To remember all the lessons she learned. Well, since I am talking to myself in the future I should technically say what "you" learned.
All the people you met, the friendships you made that are as far away in distance and as varying in nature as each star in the sky. Remember that you are a star and to always let your own light shine to help light up the world, especially when it is in the dark. Remember the person you brought with you to this strange new reality and the little pieces of that person that you left behind to remain scattered as an everlasting mark. More importantly remember the person that you found and took back with you,the one that became one and the same with the person you already were. Just like an expansion of yourself.
Remember the meaning of life is the choice you make to be happy. The power you have to respond to every situation and realize that love is truly and always the only choice. Doing this, you live every moment to its fullest which in turn leads to living life to the fullest. Remember to live now, because this is life, right now. Don't worry about what other people think. Just do what is in your heart. In doing this you will have no regrets. Say what needs to be said. Always. Because the moment that passes with the unsaid words still hanging in the air may have been the only one chance you were given. Take every chance you get, embrace every new opportunity. Remember that there are unlimited possibilities with what you can do with this life. So just do it. Live. Live and only look back to remember what you learned. Give like you have given without thinking of what you will be given in return. Remember this feeling that you have right now of complete and utter joy. Never lose your self to the tangle of wordly worries, and if you do, realize how easily it is to find yourself again. Because your true self never leaves. Now tell me what more you have learned and if you remembered. Because I believe right now that it would have been impossible for you to have forgotten. So remember. Just remember. Don't just remember, but know. Know that in wherever place you are that is where you are meant to be. Home is where the heart is and your heart is always with you so you are always home. Go and live it all, give it all. Most of all; love. And remember one last thing; I love you......infinity. There is no end.

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