Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Light Something On Fire

I have this weird habit that I do, well it is more like an obsessive compulsive thing. Whenever I am in a situation and I think of something bad that could happen I have this rule that since I had the thought it would be too coincidental to actually occur. For the most part this theory works, 99/100 times. Sometimes though it causes freaky coincidences to occur, only ever usually small ones though.
So I was at my host Mom's work Christmas party (she works at a bank) and I was walking around with my host sister Carol. We went over to see Matteus who was sitting with some friends. There was a candle in the middle of the table and I remembered how I say sometimes that if a party needs livening up, just light something on fire. Of course I thought that because I had thought it in my mind Matteus would never actually light something in the candle.
We walked away and then when we came back Matteus was lighting stuff on fire. I was like: oh weird, this is like the 1 in 100 time that my whole "thought cancellation of reality" doesn't work. This kinda put my mind at ease because it meant that it couldn't happen again for about another 98 thoughts. Haha I sound so crazy.
I went outside of the club thing with Matteus and his friends (Olivia and a girl from Rio de Janeiro named Debra). Carol came out later too because she was leaving to go with some friends. Olivia's Mom came over and told us to go see something. I didn't completely understand what she said.
So we went around to the other side and saw this man holding two fire torch type things. He wasn't wearing a shirt and had alcohol on his chest because he would spit alcohol into the fire so it looked like he was breathing it. Ammediately I thought how terrible it would be if he caught on fire, given the fact that he was drenched in alcohol and all. I thought that if it happened I would need to use something like a blanket to throw on top to cut the oxygen supply. Of course I didn't have a blanket so I imagined myself taking off my long flowy strapless shirt and using it. After I thought this I was happy because I thought it could definately not occur because of my whole theory.
The guy bent down to get some more alcohol and then blew into the fire. He did it again and apparently some flame touched him because he lit up like a Christmas tree. At first it was a small area and he tried to pat it out but then when he was unsuccessful he started to run!! Exactly what you are not supposed to do when you are burning alive. Of course it was because he was panicking though. So now his whole torso, neck, and chin were in flames. I was so shocked. I ripped off my shirt and started running in his direction with about four other people. He was smart enough to drop to the ground and smother the fire. Then he just stayed on the ground while everyone stood in relief. I realized I was shirtless and put my blouse back on.
The guy's skin was all pink in the front, he left with somebody to drive him to the hospital.
Afterwards everyone went inside and danced for the rest of the night. The party really livened up. My whole "Though Cancellation Theory" is probably wrong, but it works most of the time. It is not like a premonition, it is more like an "Em-inition", I have to be careful when I get those. The moral of this experience is if you are going to light something on fire make sure you don't light yourself on fire in the process, also make sure to have something to put it out (example: water), try to not have flammable things near or on yourself (example: alcohol), and if you witness somebody on fire don't take off your shirt until you are actually close enough to use it, because if not you are just a shirtless idiot adding to the chaos. Lol.
The rest of the party went well, I didn't get home until 2:45am.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Post For My MOM

Random pic I accidentally's of Brazil though so whatever

Matteus' friends cheering at the musical festival

A ghecko that I was awe struck by on the wall of this computer room...heheh I named him Bugsy..because he eats them :)

Sunset in Uberaba (City where my host sister Carol is going to school to be a doctor)

Hello Mom!! Okay I am making this post for you because you said I haven't been writing in my blog enough. It's just that I haven't been doing too much lately!! School ended so now I am on the equivalent of summer/Christmas holidays. I have just been hanging around the house, watching T.V, and playing guitar. Hahah just regular stuff I would do in Canada lol.
Today I woke up and there was a man trying to figure out how to fix the bed I broke. I did it by accident when I slid because of my fuzzy socks I was wearing, yep, split the leg in half. If I ever do something I make sure to give it my best. I told Mamãe that I would pay for the damage but she said not to worry about it. Still.
Then today when I was bringing dishes to the sink I broke a plate. While me and Matteus were cleaning it up I cut my finger. I really don't know why I am so clumsy but I really don't like it. My goal is to not break anything else on this exchange.
Yesterday Leo came over to practice a song on guitar with Matteus. He is the same age as me and is from A.E.C (the kind of youth group thing). He tried to teach me some stuff on guitar but I eventually just kinda gave up. For some reason I am embarrassed when I can't get it right away or when I don't know the chords, instead of just focusing on learning it.
I gave him a Canada pin and he put it on his shirt. Later I showed him videos on Youtube. There are these ones that Matteus likes where there is a man dressed up as Amy Whinehouse who goes crazy, screaming down the street hitting people/things. I have to admit that it is amusing but at the same time I feel bad that Amy has such problems and also that people make fun of her.
Matteus wanted me to show Leo "Salad Fingers" so I did. Even though it is really disturbing and my Mom told me to stop watching it because she thinks the person who created it must have something wrong with them. Sorry Mom. Lol.
It also rained really hard yesterday, as well as the past couple of days. I don't think it really rained that much today though.
Afterwards we watched some video trailors and then we sang to music. Leo put on "Breaking Free" from "High School Musical". I think it is really cute how kids here like it so much. I'm not sure if everyone does, just the people I have met. I did here it on the radio in Brasilia though!! Lol. I sang the girl part and Leo and Matteus sang the guy part. Then Leo left along with Pai's brother, his wife and their son Eduardo. Eduardo who tried to climb over the balcaony when Matteus pretended we were locked upstairs. I held on to him really tight and pulled him down. Mãe, Pai, and Carol went to sleep. Matteus and I watched a movie on T.V, then Ugly Betty and then went to sleep. I think it was 1:00am.
The Christmas tree is up, it looks really pretty. There's no snow though (obviously) so I do miss that. As much as at times I hate it when I actually have it. It is just one of those things, ya know? I hope everybody who has it is enjoying it! Although I can't complain about the weather here, I mean it's nice to not have to layer on clothes like an onion. HEHEHE Shrek; "Onion's have layers". Lmao. I love that movie.

Anyway, I will write again soon and hopefully put alot of pictures on. The reason why I don't have that many is because all I have is my camera phone, I take pics with it but I was stupid enough to leave the connecting chord in Canada. I will try to see if I can buy a new one. I am allowed to use my host family's camera though so that is good. And other people take pics too, that I can steal. HAahha kinda stupid of me to go on exchange without a real camera. But I brought a camcorder. I will eventually buy a camera though so it is all good. :P

Is that enough writing Mom? I dunno what else to write about so if you want to give me some ideas...leave a comment!! Or e-mail, or whatever. I can't believe I am actually out of stuff to write about. It's strange. I'm pretty sure something juicy will come along soon though. :)

I miss everybody!! Hugs and Jingle Bells,

Emily <3

P.S - I love you Mom

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love red mud, it is kinda like play-dough

Tomorrow I will have been in Brazil for two months. Wow I am really moving along here. Life doesn't stop for anyone. I personally think my Portuguese is getting good and other people tell me it is too so I am not completely dillusional. Or maybe they are just humoring me. Anyway, I am satisfied with my learning curve of the language.
Saturday I left for my family's farm. I believe it is an eight hour drive away. All I know is that the drive is very lonf and very curvey. When Matteus fell asleep his head would slowly tilt to one side and then get whipped in the other direction when the car turned. Carol put a pillow on her lap for him to rest his head. Carol arrived on Friday night from Uberaba. She took the bus to Paracatu.
When we arrived at the area where the farm is located the road turned into a dirt road. We went to this one woman's house where we picked some cherry-like berries that tasted more like a tomato/apple. They are called acerola and have more vitamin C than oranges. Here is a link if you are interested in tropical fruits. Lol. Or are in need of vitamin C.
After that we went to a mango tree where there were many bulls standing around. I hope you know what mangos are so I won't provide you a link for that. The bulls are docile and will just stare. It is a little strange because I feel like they are watching me. They probably were thinking, "my mangos.....". They eat the mangos. I had two mangos, they were very succulant and juicy so I managed to get the juice all over my hands/face. Everyone else did too so it is okay.
We arrived at the farm. It is located at the bottom of a hill/mountain. Mountains here do not have snow so it is hard for me to tell the difference. I am thinking it was more of a hill though.
The farm and the road were really muddy because of how moist the weather has been and also because of the rain. When I walked later on with Matteus and Pai to visit another house I got mud all over my feet and flipflops and also stepped in a bull paddy. Then on the day we left the car got stuck in the mud going up a hill and pai had to get shovel to dig it out. The mud is really red (makes sense because the dirt is red too). I asked Pai, "why is the dirt red?", only to have him respond, "because that is the color." Makes sense.
A family lives in the house on the farm, a husband, wife, and their three daughters. They are really lovely people and very hospitable. They take care of the farm. In another house quite nears lives another family, some the people lived in the United States for two years so understand English and speak a little. Although I spoke very very little English with them.
The farm has bull, chickens, roosters (that woke me up at 5:00 am), pigs, horses, cats, and dogs. I rode a white horse with Amanda (the eldest of the three daughters) it was very nice, I can't remember the last time I rode a horse. It is almost like sitting on top of the world. The landscape was so beautiful, everything is a lush green, contrasted with the red mud. Everything is different here, the smells, the colors, the plants and animals. Also I don't think there are palm trees on farms in Canada. Or goiba trees. I have a question, has anybody seen chickens in trees before? Because these chickens just liked to hang out there. Lol.
When nightfall came I saw this "spark" flying through the air. It was a pulsing light. Eduardo (the little boy who lives in the other house) was with me and we were both following it. It turned out to be a firefly and the man who lives in the house caight it for me. I put it in a cup. He caught another one as well. It was so beautiful to see all of them flying, they looked like stars, or fairies. I don't think I have saw fireflies before, but I have always wanted to. Anyway I will write more later, right now I am going to go watch a novella (soap opera).

Em <3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flooding In Brazil

There has been flooding in Santa Catarina state in Brazil. 1.5 million people have been affected. I thought it was important to post here because of how serious it is. I hope that everybody gets all the support they need and that this disaster ends soon.