Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October. 22, 2008

This is my 12th day being in Brasil. I am picking up more and more Portuguese everyday. People at school are really eager to help me out which is very nice. I sometimes help them with their English too. My family also assists me a lot in learning. I have been writing in my journal about everything that I have been experiencing. I will transcribe some of it onto here.

Tues. Oct. 21, 2008

I have been in Brasil for eleven days. Yesterday I was in Brasilia. We were there to visit Mamai´s nephew Rafael (pronounced Hafael) and to buy material for the new house.
On Sunday we went to visit and go eat at Rafael´s aunt´s house with her husband. There was barbecued meat, rice, salad (which I tried to cut a tomato for), and Gaurana Antartica. It is a soft drink made from a Brazilian fruit. I had at least five glasses.
It was Max´s fifteenth birthday on Saturday to. I left him a message on Facebook, I need to call him (and everyone) very soon.
In Rafael´s aunt´s yard there was this really weird Amazonian plant, it looked like it was from another planet. Pretty funny actually. They asked me to sing for them so I did. They said in December I will sing and play guitar for the whole family, great lol. No, it will be fun.
On Friday I went to Matteus´friends´birthday party. It was fun, everyone asked me many questions. A boy from my class was there; Bernardo.
I met most of Matteus´friends, they are very nice and have a lot of energy :P. It was Natalia´s and Lucianna´s birthdays. Matteus and Kaique (Ki-ee-key) danced capoeira. It is a style of dancing that kind of combines fighting as well.
Isabella and the other Natalia speak good English, as well as Leticia (I think) because she spent time in the United States. Felipe speaks some English as well, his accent is very cute.
When we got home, Matteus asked me if I wanted some candy then emptied numerous handfuls from his pockets. He had taken it! lol.
The next day (Saturday) I went downtown (centro) with Carol to buy some jeans for school. I bought two pairs, together they were R$140.00 wihich is roughly equivalent to $80.00 Canadian. I thought that was pretty good. We also ran some errands and drank some açai; an Amazonian fruit smoothie. It was vary delicious, I love it!
When I got home I listened to my Ipod a bit and then went to see Matteus and his friends who had come over. We were all going to go to the second opening day of Giraffas (a fast food restaurant).
Filipe came over and we played a little guitar. After we went to the cornerstore and Mateus bought chicklets for everyone. Then the girls left to get ready for Giraffas.
I walked there with Matteus and Filipe. Many people were at Giraffas. I ordered a coke and strawberry (moranngo) sundae. I tried to pay but Filipe paid for me and Isabella. He said that next time I could pay for him.
There were many balloons there so we took some. We also had a spitball fight. At one point B came. He went away then came back and said tchau and kissed Isabella and I on the cheek. Filipe said he had gone to brush his teeth beforehand. I thought that was funny.
Afterwards we went walking in the main square and took pictures. They tried to get the trampoline man to let three people jump at once. They told him I was from Canada and made me say, "Por favor." He did not let us. Apparently I´m not a cute enough Canadian for him.
They bought some cotton candy that came with masks; spiderman and the girl woody the woodpecker. We played and ran around with them. lol.
I met Abrau and Levy. Abrau is the one who hung up on me on the phone. He said it was because he doesn't speak English. Levy said I look fourteen. :(. I made my dolphin noise for them and they liked it.
Most of the girls bought glowing mouse/bear ears or horns. I could see them walking down the street with their little blinking heads. lol. They also went on a carriage ride. Matteus sang the Giraffas song.
Afterwards we sat at a table outside the açai place. Natalia, Felipe, and Luiza taught me how to say yesterday (ontem), today (hoje), and tomorrow (almanhã).
Mamai picked us up so I could talk to Helena (Rotary) at home. She told me that I would go to my first Rotary meeting Tuesday (today) and gave me what I was to say. After I watched "Seven Years in Tibet" in English because they couldn´t find the remote....hehehe, not too bad for me. lol. I went to sleep at about 2:00 am. The next day (Sunday) we left for Brasilia.

I will finish the rest tomorrow!! It is very long, haha, sorry if it gets boring! :P Tchau.

P.S- Little blinking heads are featured in the photo above. lol. The other photo is of me at Lucianna's and Natalia's birthday party.